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Meow - Chat Now is an instant messaging application like no other. While it lets you chat with your friends like you normally would, its main feature allows you to start a conversation with any other user at random.

As a Meow - Chat Now user, you get to choose whether you want to start a private chat with another user or if you prefer to enter a group chat. However, no matter which option you choose, you can always skip to the next user if you don't like the person you're chatting with just by tapping a button.

Other options in Meow - Chat Now lets you see other users near your location. You’ll be able to see their photo, personal information and every other piece of information users decided to share, including whether they're interested in chatting with other users.

Of course, anybody can upload their own photos and share as much personal information as they want. This information is saved on your profile and can be viewed by any other user.

Meow - Chat Now is an instant messaging application that borrows elements from 'chatroulette' to create a fun social experience that is different from everything you’re used to.

Requires Android 2.13.3

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